Fashion speaks differently for each and every one of us. But we can always agree that it is architecture, art, design, culture, self-expression, and liberty rolled into one word---“Fashion”. That simple word, or maybe not that simple, represents who we are and how we can be distinguished as an individual, and sometimes reflects on how we are raised---in a conservative way that is. We wear what best suits our personality to stand out from the crowd and make a voice out of billion other voices echoing everywhere. Fashion is confidence, exuberance, elegance and health. Health I said, for it symbolizes being from the outside. Not that fashion matters alone but it is an essential part of humanity, a remembrance of yesterday, today and what lies ahead tomorrow. Fashion is silent yet untamed. It cried back in the 90’s as it’s my least liking from the many years and choices I have. It evolves from one generation to another, but comes back when the right time is fruitful enough for new ideas to be mixed and create yet another “link” to human race. Fashion is never ignorant but admittedly arrogant. It is extravagant on its simplest way. It speaks not only for the people around it but for the nature that gave life to it. The nature that is once peaceful until harmed by those who ruled fashion first using nature. Thus Nature is the source of anything good and evil, lavish, expensive and cheap. Nature is where fashion started and where it should rightfully end. Just as like England gave birth to Shakespeare, Nature gave birth to Fashion, a trademark, a print, a source of life. Source of anything greedy, selfish, selfless, anger, expressionism, ignorance, defiance, lust, power, strength, stability and a zillion more things which might takes years to mention. Here I defy Fashion and Nature as a factor we all should consider in building the foundations of the future to succeed in life. It is where dreams are built, hearts cut right open and life continue. Here I show my great love for the Old English, fashion as my life not just an inspiration, and a touch of Nature even a bit, that connects us from where we all came from. Here I show you my love for art, design and architecture on clothes inspired by nature, transformed to the modernization brought by earth itself--- Boho, vintage, glam, retro and the tropics. For me, fashion is a nature to each and everyone of us. Also anything that relates fashion may it be a movie inside the head, a fantasy long gone or a dream come true. free counters
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